My Jewelry

I LOVE nail polish. And jewelry. And everything that sparkles. No wonder then that I decided to combine all of these to create a sparkly bling you can wear all the time! Polish Studs is a handmade jewelry using glass, variety of nail polish and metal alloy. All my pieces are lead and nickel free, and bracelets are silver plated. I have an assortment of earring studs, pendants, key chains, rings, bracelets, and work badges.

It would truly be impossible to list all jewelry I have as I have literally hundreds different styles, and the possibilities are endless..  I offer plain colors (ranging from sparkle, holographic, shimmer, glitter, etc..) as well as colorful designs (for example zebra design, STL Cardinals, Mizzou, medical themes, etc, etc.)

I offer the following:

**round earring studs in two sizes: 8mm and 10mm ($5/pair)                                                                                                      **round and square pendants (1 inch in diameter/across), also in oval (approx. 28x33mm).  All pendants come with a ball chain (18in or 21in long) or a colorful ribbon ($10 each)

**any pendant could be purchased without a chain/ribbon ($10 each) and with a free key chain ring

**bracelets – silver plated, for round or square cabochons ($10 each)

**rings – adjustable, with 10mm or 12mm cabochons ($5 each)

**work badges – high quality round or square, belt clip or alligator clip, retractable reel ($12 each)

I accept ALL kinds of payments: cash (in person), personal checks, PayPal and credit cards.  For any purchases using a credit card I will add 8.75% to your total to offset my cost.  Shipping is $2.80 flat or free for purchases over $25. I am very flexible with prices so we can always make a deal!

How to order:  call me (314-287-1441), text me, or email me (  You will tell me what you’re looking for, I will make it or look into my huge stash of product, will take a picture and send it to you.  Upon your approval, I will collect your payment and ship your item within 24hrs.  I offer 100% guarantee on my product!  If it breaks in transit, or you simply don’t like it, you may return it for a full refund, minus shipping cost (it it breaks you will receive a new item free of shipping costs).

If you’d like to see just a tiny example of my product, please visit my Etsy site:

Thank you so much for your interest!!


  1. Phyllis Eggemeyer says:

    I love your earrings! I met you at the craft fair in Ste G, MO and we talked about if you could make a penguin necklace or raccoon necklace and a panda necklace and earrings to match. I plan to be at the Belleville Kay Weber on 29 Nov and will look for your booth to see if you have them. Thank you.
    Phyllis Eggemeyer

    • Hi Phyllis!! So glad you like my stuff!! :). Your panda set and a raccoon are ready (pandas on white background, raccoon on pink), and I will make a penguin as well. Please let me know if you’d like different backgrounds :). My booth at Kay Webers will be in the Trophy room (room behind the main one). Thank you so much!! 🙂

  2. Great. Background is good and thanks for also going to make penguin necklace. See you that Sunday. My two young granddaughters are into pandas and penguins!


  3. Janet Turner says:

    I was at the Lindbergh high school craft fair today and talked to you about making two sets of earrings of a tiger paw print on a gold background. You said you would make a set and send me a picture. Thank you. Janet


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