Everest – Day 23-24: Rest Day

April 21, 22 (Sunday and Monday)

I didn’t do much that day besides rest.  I still felt pretty weak and somewhat nauseous.  Two of the group members who didn’t go up on first rotation flew down to Kathmandu so I didn’t really have much to do in terms of socialization.  Lakpa Rita said he wanted to take me up to Kala Pathar (neighboring mountain, 18,192ft) tomorrow to acclimatize.  I didn’t know what to think about that given my physical state (tiredness and nausea).  I was so sick already of being dirty and smelly!  I really wished I could just come home for a week to re-energize..  no such thing on a mountain though.

The following day Lakpa was supposed to take me on the acclimatization hike but somehow that fell through.  I can’t say I was upset, I still needed my rest.  I was a bum all day.

DAY 25

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