Everest – Day 9: Thame to Khumjung

April 7 (Sunday)

After breakfast we set out to our next destination, Khumjung, at about 12,500 ft.  We backtracked almost all the way down to Namche Bazaar and continued on towards Everest Base Camp.  The elevation raised only by about 900ft so we can gently keep acclimitizing to the ever thinning air.

today's trek

today’s trek

Not the greatest day for me and some other climbers.  Earlier on the trek I stepped wrong on a rock or something and twisted my knee.  It hurt really badly throughout the day which was really discouraging since I had so many more days to go!  Also, a few climbers picked up a GI bug, diarrhea, vomiting, or both…  The Khumbu Valley region is so known for traveler’s diarrhea that the bacteria causing the symptoms are already resistant to Cipro!  We were told to go straight to Azithromycin to help our ailments, since Cipro would do absolutely nothing to alleviate our symptoms…  My belly was fine for now although I was getting some uncomfortable bloating due to altitude.  This feeling was actually new to me.  I’ve been bloated at altitude before but not as much as on this trip, and certainly not as such low elevation!   We were eating lots of local foods rich in lentils and other beans, so I’m sure that didn’t help my stomach much…  I started wishing already that we make it to Base Camp as soon as possible to avoid all the ‘cooties’ of the villages!

The weather continued to be nice.  It seemed like the forecast was always the same: clear skies and hot weather during the day followed by clouds and chill in the afternoon and cold at night.

DAY 10

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