Everest – Day 10: Khumjung to Deboche

April 8 (Monday)

Today’s trek took us to Deboche at 3734m (12,250ft), so at roughly the same elevation as Khumjung.  The idea was to let our bodies acclimatize even better to this low level of oxygen.


The day didn’t start very bright…  One of the climbers who was hoping to go to Camp 2 has been fighting a GI bug over the last couple days.  He got so dehydrated that it wasn’t safe for him to go further up and he had to be helicoptered out to a hospital in Kathmandu…  Poor guy, we felt so bad for him.  He let me have his knee brace before he left which helped me out a great deal on today’s hike.

We stopped for lunch at Phungi Thanga (say that out loud!! 😉 and continued on up a steady hill to Deboche (12,250 ft).

Before we got to our destination, we encountered another monastery.

the entrance to the monastery

the entrance to the monastery



Because there was no Buddhist monks present, we were allowed to take pictures inside of the monastery (as opposed to the one in Thame).  The temple was just as interesting as all the previous ones we’ve seen; the walls were covered with paintings of Buddha.  There were also two long tables present with cloths on the ground which served as seats for the monks.


We stayed the night at the Rivendell Lodge which gave me and Andy a chuckle since we’re both big dork fans of The Lord Of The Rings 😉


Although still not bad, our accommodations were getting progressively worse.  The bedrooms were dark, and although we still had our own toilet, it wasn’t nearly as ‘luxurious’ as the one in Namche.  The shower was communal, which certainly didn’t stop us from using it!

DAY 11


  1. Haaa, Rivendell Lodge that’s brilliant. I Love LOTR. Still hooked to your trip, its great 🙂

    • thanks Luke!! I’m really trying to put them up fast… biggest problem is the pictures but the whole thing will be up eventually! Rivendell Lodge was totally named after LOTR, they said so on a poster!! Something about being hospitable, just like elves.. haha =))

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