Everest – Day 1 and 2: Getting there

March 31 (Monday)

It takes a long time to get to the top of the highest mountain in the world.  Not only one has to walk and climb for extended periods of time, but he or she has to get to Nepal first!

Most people go through Singapore but we have decided to travel through Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  I have always been fascinated by the architecture of this country but also knew that it was really expensive.  So I figured that one day in Dubai will not make us bankrupt.

After 3hr flight to Washington, DC, followed by 13 hrs on the next flight, we finally arrived in Dubai.  We decided to splurge on a hotel and spent the night at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers.  My first impression besides the awesome architecture was that the city was very clean and full of flowers.  For some reason I imagined that the downtown area would be similar to our big US cities, but it differed substantially.  The skyscrapers were a lot more ‘modern’ and also dispersed, not tight together as in New York or Chicago.

DSC_8243This was on the screen of the TV as we walked in to our hotel

After we took a breather in our hotel room, we took a cab to the only 7-star hotel in the world, Burj al Arab.  I made reservations to the Sky Bar a few weeks before the trip as nobody but guests and those with reservations are allowed on the property.

Burj al Arab looks very delicate from the outside, like a true sail in a steady wind.  Wen we walked inside, the lobby was just screaming ‘money’!!  There were huge aquariums next to the escalators and the whole thing was richly decorated.  We took an elevator (with escort) to the 25th floor to the SkyView Bar.  They sat us by a window but the views were less than optimal due to a haze.  We ended up ordering 2 drinks each.  I had a Camel Colada (since I just HAD to taste camel’s milk) and a Top of the World (how appropriate!), and Andy had a Blue Glacier and a Perfect Gimmick.  All drinks were very tasty, and they also came with a hefty price:  $50 per drink!!  No, that’s not a typo!!

IMGP5444the entrance to the Sky Bar, reminded me of Matrix =)

IMGP5446huge aquarium along the escalator at Burj al Arab

I’m glad we got to set our foot in the hotel but I’m also glad we didn’t order any food there (can’t even imagine what the bill would come to!!)


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